To blog or not to blog-Charlie O'Rourke

I am entering the blogosphere with both excitement and trepidation.  Thus far my experience with blogs is limited to reading them. However, I am continually pressed by a friend of mine to begin blogging.  The process begins with an initial setup, a briefing on blogs, a beginners tutorial, and then my first writings which if you are reading this you are now experiencing my feeble effort firsthand.

As mentioned, I have never blogged.  Furthermore, I have not had a slight inclination to do so. However, my friend is insistent that I at least try my hand at blogging. To present, these have been verbal suggestions and in order to avoid a more physical confrontation, I have now caved.

And so I have a problem. What am I to blog about?

Well I have resolved that question. I will blog about subjects that interest me. If they are interesting to others, great, and if not I care not for at the end of the day I should comment on subjects that provide a cathartic adventure for me. If the audience enjoys the same experience, I am overjoyed.

I stand ready to proceed.